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Last updated: 01/03/2024
Asian babe Yuki Mori is in the bathroom when a large cock appears through a hole in the wall. – that’s what about in this cumblastcity video. The horny asian is reluctant to jerk it, and is crazy about this scene but when the stud appears from behind the glory hole, the asian hot chick starts sucking and slobbering on his extra large cock. As his throbbing extra large cock finally erupts, her face is splattered with buckets of jizz. Yuki sure knows how to please a guy, and today she got herself a random stud that she couldn’t wait to fuck. And so she took him to a private rest room where she’d get to have her way.

The guy himself was not disappointed one bit as he knew that he’d be getting to have some serious fun with this cute and perky Asian babe for the day. As soon as they were in private, this sexy little lady decided to take off his pants completely, and you get to see her use her slutty and tiny little hands to jerk off on his big dick. Well the guy was a bit too eager as you will see, and this sexy ghettogaggers babe ended up getting all of her sexy body covered in a nice and sticky layer of jizz as the dude blew his load all over her today. Check out the past cumblastcity updates too everyone and enjoy!

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CumBlastCity Next door mom

When intoxicated Mom next door Dallas from cumblastcity video invites hunk Joey over for lunch, the teen kid is getting there a bit late. However Dallas is mad and chooses to teach him a memorable lesson. The drunk cum blast city mom lathers his dick up with oil and jerks him dry all over her stupid face. Cum inside german goo girls and check out some amateur next door moms getting their faces splattered with cum. Well we know that you got to see this blonde babe have her fun in the past, but today she got her hands on another fresh stud and she intends to have her way.

To be honest you have to be dumb to refuse this busty matures advances when she wants to have some sexual fun with you, and this guy although was a bit intimidated by the sexy beauty he soon went ahead with her plan. Watch as he lets the MILF jerk him off and then see the sexy babe present him with her face and tits just like last time you saw her as she is eager to get that load all over herself. Just watch as the guy explodes and blasts her face and tits with a nice and big load of creamy and warm jizz today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you next week! Also you might enter the site if you’re looking for similar videos and pics!

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Cum splashed Janine

Alia Janine getting cum blasted here at cumblastcity.
Janine allows teen Billy spurt his cum around her impressive natural boobs. When he lastly spurts his cum Alia forces out one final drop of sperm by titty fucking his cock. Poor Mrs. Janine is amazed at the quantity of semen from the hunk dude, and tells to this lucky dude that he can cum back anytime he wants. As Jeanine is anohter superbly sexy and busty babe, she sais that she doesn’t have much toruble getting her hands on any guy that she wants. And with apair of round and juicy tits like here’s that’s not really a big surprise as you might imagine.

For today, miss Jeanine demonstrates some nice technique as she gets to have her fun with a nice and big cock, and she’s going to get it to blow it’s load until it runs dry. The scene is from the guy’s perspective for a more detailed look at how this sexy babe likes to treat her guys. So watch her as she reveals her big and round tits from her sexy outfit, and see her as she starts to work on that big and hard cock for your enjoyment today. She keeps jerking the dick off faster and harder until the guy blasts his huge load all over her face and big tits to her pure delight. Enjoy it as always and see you next week with more cum blast city! See here another hot babe jizzed all over her face, if you are eager for more! If you wanna see other beauties getting jizzed, enter the site and have fun!


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CumBlastCity – Brandi covered with cum

Bimbo Brandi Aniston likes to let men splatter her stupid face with sperm. However when she meets cumblastcity Johnny, she doe not know that he hasn’t masturbated in months and has some extra large balls filled with cum for a crazy facial fest. teen Brandi blows and slobbers on that tool till he eventually splatters her cute face with buckets of cum. Well it seems that this sexy and hot brunette got a bit more of a workout today than she planned when she decided to get it on with this sexy stud. Let’s watch the sexy babe go to work and enjoy her nice gallery of images shall we?


Brandi sure loves her little workout sessions for every afternoon of the day, but this time she has gotten her eyes on one of the male trainers there. So after she was done with her routine and the place was nearly empty, she decided to make her move on the stud and see if she’d manage to score some cock for herself this fine afternoon. Sit back and watch the slutty brunette as she gets around to suck and slurp on his big cock like a pro, and watch her take his big cock inside her horny pussy. And for a classy and nice ending watch her bathed in the dude’s huge jizz load this update. For similar content, check out the site and see some hot gals getting covered in cum!

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CumBlastCity Zoe shot with cum

Mikey Spurts on Mom.
Busty Mom Charlee unintentionally walks in on adolescent cumblastcity Zoe stroking her guys big tool. These naughty german sluts only came to get milk, however she’s so excited by his extra large cock that she would like to get some of his milk instead. Watch Joey as he spurts his big load 5 feet straight into a cup. Well these two babes sure had their way as much as they wanted with the stud, and he himself was not disappointed by their slutty behavior. Watch the team of two sexy babes as they work this guy’s cock hard style for this whole scene today.

The brunette takes off the dude’s pants off, and the blonde puts a cup between her big breasts as the other lady starts working on the guy’s cock. Sot just sit back and watch as the guy gets himself a nice hand job done by some expert and lusty little hands, all the while the MILF taunts and teases him with err big and round tits. Well sure enough the guy eventually blows his load, and even though the babe was quite far from the guy, his jizz load did manage to shoot all the way to her and land in the cup, but also all over her big tits and beautiful face. Enjoy the cum blast city show and do come back next week for some more nasty cum shots!


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Claire covered with cum

BIG TIT Mom COAXES Semen! After checking her mail on her PC, sexy cumblastcity Claire starts to feel kinky and commences tweaking her pussy. Her next door neighbor Debbie calls and informs her about the hunk neighbor Billy and his large cock. Naughty Claire phone calls Billy to check out for herself hoping to receive an insane facial. These cum blast city videos Mom Claire is amazed at the big size of Billy’s penis and she jerks out a colossal cumshot over her face and large 44 FF tits. Claire is a really sexy and busty mature and she always seems to get the eye of lots of studs. That being the case for today too as you can see.


The horny stud next door was a perfect catch for her today too. You see, even she herself knows how hot she is and she enjoys teasing studs with her superbly sexy body. But she would be in a surprise with this stud today. Watch here at cumblastcity, as the busty beauty starts to jerk this lucky dude off, and watch her talking naughty and dirty to him while she rubs and strokes his big cock. Even though she was pleasantly surprised by the size of the dick, she was surprised at the end too. You simply need to see this sexy babe’s reaction when the dude’s cock starts to blast loads after loads of jizz that land all over her big tits and pretty face. See another cumshot scene, right here, if you are hungry for more!

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Nika Coaxes Dick To Cum

Perverted Nika likes to jerk off large cocks. When she meets stud Marco from cumblastcity she has not a clue what is waiting for her. As she coaxes his dick to cum, this horny babe is blasted straight in the face. She acts in repugnance as huge load of cum spurt out at her. poor Nika nearly pukes from the substantial cumload that she takes in her filthy mouth. Cum inside and see some hot German sluts swallowing big loads of cum. Nika is just too eager to have her fun with the big and hard cock and the guy seems to be very happy with her hand job.

And this babe has a style to do it too. She was dressed in a nice and sexy outfit, and she had the dude stay in a chair as she started to remove it, giving him some nice views of her hot body as she did her little strip tease show for him. Then as the dude kept sitting there, the sexy lady started to stroke his big dick and she could feel the man meat getting bigger and harder in her slutty hands by the second. Watch her as she jerks him off nice and good and see the guy moan in cum blast city pleasure. And of course that for a nice ending you get to see the babe as she gets covered in his jizz, dripping all over her big tits and sexy body. have fun! If you liked this scene and you wanna see other beautiful chicks getting their pretty faces covered in warm and sticky jizz, check out the femdom empire blog and enjoy!


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CumBlastCity Stacie Starr

Mrs. Steele and Mrs. cumblast city Stacie Starr see Jimmy wanking his big wood, once more in public. In order to stop him doing that the two craving MILFs choose to milk him dry simply by sucking him and taking turns at blasting one another’ faces with his creamy spunk here at cumblastcity. If you liked this video and you want to see other super hot chicks being drenched in hot cum, cum inside the website and have a great time with these two gorgeous and sexy babes as they get around to have their fun with this lucky guy for the whole afternoon today.


Steele is a very cute and sexy MILF and she said to her friend Stacie that she always has fun with the guy cleaning the pool as he has one big and rock hard cock that always pleases her. Naturally Stacie was curious and miss Steele was more than happy to share her cock treasure with her female buddy. You simply cannot miss this nice cum blast city scene as you get to see the sexy babes work on that cock with a passion for today. Watch as they get around to taking the guy’s pants off to reveal his cock and you need to see Stacie impressed with his big dick. She was even more impressed with the amount of jizz that came out of it though! If you liked this scene and you wanna see other beauties getting their big tits covered in cum, check out the bignaturals site! Enjoy!

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CumBlastCity Tasha

We are back with another amazing cumblastcity update. Joey jerks off looking at Tasha and her girlfriend Megan as their just laying out. When hot Tasha spots him, this horny teen sneaks inside the house to yell at him , but one inside Tasha gets horny and jacks him off all around the window as her female friend Megan is entirely unaware. Check out more of these special videos inside. Tasha is a very hot and sexy woman and one could only be too happy to have such a sexy and gorgeous babe work on your big cock for the afternoon. So let’s watch her work on that dick shall we?

The thing is that this guy is her lady friend’s brother and she kind of had her eyes on him for a while. Well with the pretext to yell at him, and teach him a lesson, she finds him in his room jerking off. And even though she startled him, the babe makes sure to let her intentions known to the guy as she makes her way to him and starts to touch his cock. Soon enough this gorgeous babe starts to stroke his big cock and you can see the dude is really enjoying himself. Watch here at cumblastcity, this busty babe who is looking just like the gorgeous chicks from the lustcinema blog as she jerks him off nicely here at cum blast city, and see the dude blow his load all over the glass window when he explodes.


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Angry Mum Gets Facialized

When intoxicated Mom next door Dallas from cumblastcity invites hunk Joey over for lunch, the teen kid is getting there a bit late. However Dallas is mad and chooses to teach him a memorable lesson. The naughty mom lathers his dick up with oil and jerks him dry all over her stupid face. If you’re into sweet Asians getting facialized. Enjoy as this super horny and hot mature gets to have fun with this guy’s cock. And of course you can watch that pretty face of this horny miss getting blasted with a huge sticky jizz load today at cum blast city. So let’s get started.


Well Joey sure got the ride of his life today when this MILF wanted to get his cock to herself. She knew that this stud was packing a big cock and she was more than happy to let him blow his load all over her face today. But not before she had a taste of it. So just sit back and watch as the blonde babe gets to suck and slurp on that dick with a passion, and watch as she makes the guy moan in pleasure while wrapping her luscious lips around his cock. And as we said, for the end, watch as the guy gets to blow that big load all over this gorgeous babe’s face today. Enjoy it and see you next week with more.

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